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2020 Visions of Labour & Class in Ireland & Europe

Irish Labour History Society International Conference, Dublin – September 2020


This internatonal conference, which will take place at Liberty Hall in Dublin, is being organised by the Irish Labour History Society (ILHS), in association with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions…

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A Brief History of Commercial Capitalism

New Book by Jairus Banaji

The rise of capitalism to global dominance is still largely associated – by both laypeople and Marxist historians – with the industrial capitalism that made its decisive breakthrough in 18th…

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OpenLearn – Resources about Red Clydeside

'Bloody Friday': The Battle of George Square, Glasgow, 1919

Through its OpenLearn website, which offers free learning opportunities and courses, the Open University has developed a range of material exploring the origins and events surrounding Red…

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Marking the Bicentenary of the 1820 Rising

Two new historical studies (July 2020)

Two new books are out to mark the 200th anniversary of the Radical Rising in Scotland of 1820 and both are reviewed in the July/August issue of Scottish Left Review (SLR).


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PhD Studentship at the OU on Workers’ Inquiry in the time of a pandemic

Covid-19 and the Climate Emergency

The Open University Business School is inviting applications for a number of full-time funded PhD studentships beginning 1 February 2021 on 'Responding to COVID-19 and the Climate Emergency'. More…

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Planning and Profits: British Naval Armaments Manufacture and the Military Industrial Complex, 1918-1941

New book by SLH committee member Chris Miller

Former Scottish Labour History Society secretary Chris Miller has recently had Planning and Profits: British Naval Armaments Manufacture and the Military Industrial Complex, 1918-1941

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Articles and Books from SLHS Members

New publications: 2017-2019

Members of the Scottish Labour History Society have had several articles published in recent journals, which may be of general interest to members and others.

The list, taken from SLHS…

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Scottish Miners in the Twentieth Century

New book by SLH Journal editor Jim Phillips

Scottish Labour History co-editor Jim Phillips has a new book out.

Scottish Coal Miners in the Twentieth Century (Edinburgh University Press, 2019) examines the role coal…

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SLHS Booklet: Published December 2018

John Maclean: The Speech from the Dock

John Maclean's 1918 speech from the dock has become immortalised as a defining moment of a distinctive Scottish radical tradition, symbolising 'working-class morality' against the 'capitalist…

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