Fighting for Justice: Strikes & Protests in Dumfries 1770-1920

Dumfries Museum

Dumfries Museum has a new exhibition running from March to September, which looks at some of the struggles of the organised working class of Dumfries and Maxwelltown across 150 years of its history – from the food riots of the later C18 down to the labour unrest of the early C20.

Based on material from SLHS member Ian Gasse’s book, Mobbings, Struggles and Strikes: Episodes in the history of the organised workng class of Dumfries, 1771-1914 (2022), the exhibition will feature walks, talks, Chartist songs, special weekends and a play reading. It runs to 2nd September.

For more details on this exhibition and how to visit see the Dumfries Museum website at: