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The Scottish Labour History Society (SLHS) is an independent organisation comprising academics, practitioners, labour and social activists and others interested in the development and history of Scotland’s working-class, trade union, labour and co-operative movements.
Since 1969 the Society has been publishing an annual peer-reviewed journal, featuring articles, news and reviews on Scotland’s labour history. It also arranges conferences, seminars and events and collaborations with like-minded organisations, as well as producing occasional publications on particular aspects of Scottish working-class history.
SLHS produces a free e-newsletter with information about the Society’s activities and other relevant material for those who are interested in Scottish labour history.
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A detailed history of the Society, written by former SLHS chair Rob Duncan, can be found here.

The digitisation and indexing of the Scottish Labour History Journal has been facilitated by a generous grant from the Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust, which is gratefully acknowledged by the Society.

Latest Journal

Volume 58 Cover

Volume 58, 2023

2nd Ian MacDougall Lecture – Jim Phillips: Coalfield Memories and the Miners' Strike (Pardons) (Scotland) Act
Harry MacShane: John Maclean Remembered
Stephen Coyle: From Red and Green Clydeside to Liberty Hall
Robert Laurie: William Morris's 1886 Tour of Scotland
Gillian Murray: Beyond the 'Invergordon Approach': Community co-operatives and economic security in the Scottish Highlands (1977-91)
Chris Bambery: Irish Solidarity in Scotland: How we failed and what we won
Colin Turbett: Facing Both Ways: Moral choice, trade unionism and Chile solidarity in Scotland in the 1970s
Ian Gasse: The Emergence of 'Labour' in Dumfries, 1884-1895

Plus editorial, notices & reports, book reviews &…

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