About Us

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The Scottish Committee of the UK Society for the Study of Labour History was established in 1961 and became the Scottish Labour History Society in 1966. It has published an annual journal since 1969.

The Society is managed by a committee which is elected annually. Currently, the committee comprises the following members:

  • Stewart Maclennan (chair)
  • Pat Kelly (vice-chair)
  • Carolyn McAllister (secretary)
  • Robert Laurie (treasurer)
  • Gregor Gall (joint journal editor)
  • Jim Phillips (joint journal editor)
  • Ian Gasse (website administrator)
    plus Ewan Gibbs, Diarmaid Kelliher, Richard Leonard, Chris Miller, Malcolm Petrie, Gordon Scobie, Valerie Wright

SLHS has enjoyed strong practical, moral and financial support from the broader trade union, labour and co-operative movement for over half a century. We aim to strengthen these links, and we welcome new members and affiliates who can help us to:

  • Promote labour and working class history;
  • Form and run regional labour history groups and workshops;
  • Expand our range of contacts with sympathetic organisations (museums, societies, labour movement bodies, etc); and
  • Develop publishing, and other appropriate activities and outputs, in the field of labour and working class history.

A detailed history of the Scottish Labour History Society, written by former SLHS chair Rob Duncan can be found here.