Articles and Books from SLHS Members

New publications: 2017-2019

Members of the Scottish Labour History Society have had several articles published in recent journals, which may be of general interest to members and others.

The list, taken from SLHS treasurer Robert Laurie’s forthcoming listing for the 2019 Scottish Labour History journal, is as follows:

John Foster ‘The 1919 Forty hours Strike: a turning point for class mobilisation in Britain’
Theory & Struggle, 120 (2019) pp. 30-40.

W. Hamish Fraser, ‘The Chartist Movement in Dumfries and Galloway’
Transactions of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society, 3rd ser. 91 (2017) pp. 105-116.

Ewan Gibbs and Jim Phillips, ‘Who Owns a Factory?: Caterpillar Tractors in Uddingston, 1956–1987’
Historical Studies in Industrial Relations, 39 (2018) pp. 117-137.

Andrew Perchard and Keith Gildart, ‘Run with the fox and hunt with the hounds’: Managerial Trade-Unionism and the British Association of Colliery Management, 1947–1994
Historical Studies in Industrial Relations, 39, (2018) pp. 79–110.

Malcolm Petrie, ‘Anti-Socialism, Liberalism and Individualism: Rethinking the Realignment of Scottish Politics, 1945-1970’
Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 6th series, 28 (2018) pp. 197-217.

Jim Phillips, Valerie Wright and Jim Tomlinson, ‘Deindustrialization, the Linwood Car Plant and Scotland’s Political Divergence from England in the 1960s and 1970s’
Twentieth Century British History, 30, 3 (September 2019) pp. 399–423.

James J. Smyth, ‘The Power of Pathos: James Burn Russell’s Life in One Room and the Creation of Council Housing’
The Scottish Historical Review, 98, 1 (April 2019) pp. 103-127.

The following books by SLHS members have also been published recently:

Henry Bell, John MacLean: Hero of Red Clydeside
London: Pluto, 2018, pp256, £75.00 ISBN 978-07453-3839-2 paperback £14.99 ISBN 978-0-74533838-5

Jim Phillips, Scottish Coal Miners in the Twentieth Century
Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2019, pp336, £85.00 ISBN 978-1-47445231-1 hardback