Scottish Labour History Review No 2

A digital reproduction from Autumn/Winter 1988

Scottish Labour History Review ran to eleven issues, concluding in 1997/8: many of its distinctive features subsequently migrated into the pages of the SLH Journal, in forms such

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Scottish Labour History Review No 1

A digital reproduction from Autumn/Winter 1987

In 1987, the then Editorial Collective of the Scottish Labour History Journal embarked upon a new initiative to complement the annual Journal.  Also published annually, the aims of the

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Glasgow May Day 1919

An article from the April 2019 edition of 'The Irish Voice'

Below we reproduce an article, written by Stephen Coyle, Secretary of the 1916 Rising Centenary Committee (Scotland), which was first published in the April 2019 edition of The Irish Voice

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Red Clydeside

An illustrated talk by Johnnie William Gallacher

This is a recording of a talk given by Johnnie William Gallacher at the Seventh Annual Conference of the Association of Celtic Students of Ireland and Britain in 2019, and featuring material about

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Scotland and the Russian Revolution

SLHS Annual Conference 2017

The 2017 conference, held in the “penthouse” conference suite at the Glasgow offices of Unite, formed the Scottish Labour History Society’s contribution to the centenary commemorations of the

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Images of Scottish labour

Banners, prints and photographs of Scottish working-class struggle over two centuries –  strikes, marches, demonstrations, campaigns and conferences – all from the SCRAN Collection of Historic

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The Art of Scottish labour

Writing in the late 1950s, Raymond Williams (then an adult education tutor) suggested that the culture of the working class since the Industrial Revolution had been 'primarily social' rather than

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