Scottish Labour History Review No 1

A digital reproduction from Autumn/Winter 1987

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In 1987, the then Editorial Collective of the Scottish Labour History Journal embarked upon a new initiative to complement the annual Journal.  Also published annually, the aims of the new Scottish Labour History Review were set out by Scottish Labour History Society Chair, Rob Duncan: “We want to publish research material, articles or work-in-progress on all aspects of labour and working-class history, reflecting the wide range of topics discussed at the Society’s conferences.”

The new Review, initially 20 pages but expanding to 24 pages in A4 format, attracted input from a range of like-minded organisations  and provided coverage of significant anniversaries, commemorations and events.  For example, an early feature was a report of the last public meeting addressed by Red Clydesider Harry McShane, organised by SLHS.

Scottish Labour History Review ran to eleven issues, concluding in 1997: many of its distinctive features subsequently migrated into the pages of the SLH Journal, in forms such as the extensive News and Views digest provided by Douglas Allan.

The introduction of Scottish Labour History Society’s new website has provided an opportunity to further promote the type of contemporaneous overview offered in the Review

A downloadable version of this issue of Scottish Labour History Review is available for members via the Cumulative Index of Journal articles.