Sell and Be Damned: The Glasgow Merrylee Housing Scandal of 1951 (2022)

Ned Donaldson & Les Forster

'Sell and Be Damned – The Glasgow Merrylee Housing Scandal of 1951, as told by Ned Donaldson and Les Forster' was published in 1992 to mark the fortieth anniversary of the protest which formed the subject of the book. This new 2022 edition marks both the thirtieth anniversary of the original publication and the seventieth anniversary of the protest itself. By marking these anniversaries, we are celebrating the Merrylee story and also the authors' foresight in both telling a previously untold part of Glasgow's working-class history and putting their account on the record for future generations. This new edition includes an artiucle written by Ned, Homes for the Needy, which appeared in The Reckoning in 1990.

Please note: All proceeds from the sale of this title will go to the Living Rent campaign.