Help Sought Researching British Soldier in Wartime Greece

Biographical Details needed

We have had a request from a Greek educator and journalist, Panagiotis Zavoudakis, who is researching the life of a former soldier of Scottish descent, named Colin Wright, who served with the British army in Greece from October 1944 to the summer of 1945. He wrote about his experiences in a book called British Soldier in Greece, which was published in 1946 by Lawrence & Wishart. In the book Wright is supportive of the Greek resistance organisation, EAM, and is highly critical of Churchill’s wartime policy in Greece.

Zavoudakis has translated the book into Greek and has been searching for biographical information about Wright. All that is known is that he was born in 1904 – he was 40 years old in 1944 – was married and had children. He served in the army for four years, first being sent to Italy and then moved with his unit to Greece. In Athens – which he compared to Edinburgh, perhaps indicating that he may have lived in Scotland’s capital – he worked on a newspaper for the British forces in Greece and was not involved in military action. He may have once belonged to the Scottish Workers Party, from a phrase in the book about “joining the Scottish”.

Any suggestions or assistance should be sent to Panagiotis Zavoudakis at